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Activities That Promote Early Literacy in Young Children


Early literacy is defined as what children know about writing and reading before they actually learn these skills. This entails learning about words, sounds, and language in everyday use. Early literacy development can be encouraged through fun, everyday activities that can be done at home and with your child’s early childhood education provider.

As a trusted provider of childcare services in Georgia, we will share a few fun-filled activities that can help promote early literacy in young children:

  • Make reading a part of your routine.

    Creating a routine that includes reading can help encourage early literacy in children while nurturing their natural curiosity. You can read a storybook together during the afternoon or before bedtime. This can also be a great way to bond and is an activity you can look forward to.

  • Point out items with the appropriate word.

    When you are preparing a meal or helping your toddler get dressed, point out items at home and speak out loud the name of the item. Pointing out the words for everyday items will help your child recognize letters. Doing so will allow the words to become familiar with them as they begin to associate the letters and words with their meanings.

  • Ask your child questions.

    When you spend time together, ask your child questions about their day. Questions like, “How was your day?” or “What did you like about the story we just read?” will encourage interaction and self-expression.

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