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Being Hands-On with Your Child’s Education


Jane D. Hull, a politician and an educator, once said, “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”

The home is the first learning environment for a child, and parents are the first teachers and role models of their children. Even if your children are enrolled in a childcare learning center in Mableton, Georgia, parents shouldn’t stop from getting involved with their child’s educational development, endeavors, and achievements.

Several studies conducted over the last five decades have found that parental involvement in their child’s schooling increases academic success. In addition to academic performance, parental participation is linked to improved conduct, social skills, and mental health.

What does a hands-on parent look like? Asking your child about how their day went, what new learnings they acquire, and what interests them—these are some effective ways to get involved. Encouraging them to apply the lessons their teacher taught them to real-life situations can assist them in understanding the significance of what they are learning. Respond to your child’s academic difficulties in an empathic and helpful manner instead of pressuring and comparing them to other kids their age. Help them in finding their strengths and building self-confidence especially now in their early childhood education journey.

Show Me Love Learning Academy, Inc. urges parents and caregivers to not only be informed of school activities but also to participate in educational events because they have a significant influence on children. We also provide parents with the right and opportunity to comment on school rules and programs and be informed about their child’s growth, conduct, and general well-being.

Let us help you and your child’s holistic development by enrolling them in our childcare services in Georgia!

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