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Service Areas

We serve the counties and state of Mableton, Georgia.


Curriculum & Programs

Show Me Love Learning Academy, Inc. offers the following programs for you:

If you have questions about any of our programs, kindly call us at 770-944-9100 or click on our contact us form.

Infant Infants
(6 Weeks – Walking)

thumbnail-imageParent partnerships begin in our Infant suites, where our dedicated caregivers partner with you to create an individualized care schedule for your little one. Every aspect of your child’s care, from sleep schedules to feeding routines, is based on your preferences, in an effort to make our program your home away from home.

Families enrolled in our Infant suites can expect a nurturing, secure, and age-appropriate environment. In addition to being secure and clean, our Infant suites are carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and feel like home – we want your child to immediately feel comfortable in their surroundings. The whimsical atmosphere is enhanced by gentle warm, colors, music, mobiles, and tactile toys. There are also plenty of interactive spaces, where your child can giggle at their reflection in the mirror or snuggle with a caregiver.

Our loving team of teachers truly considers caring for each infant to be a privilege and has great respect for the parent partnership. Our experienced, well-qualified loving teachers work hard to develop an individualized routine that works well for each child, to respond promptly to the infants’ changing needs, and to keep parents informed every step of the way. Real time daily reports accurately summarize all feedings, diaper changes, rest periods, and activity interests via e-mails and or text messaging. Parents are also encouraged to call daily and visit whenever possible. We hope you’ll take advantage of everything that Show Me Love Learning Academy’s Infant Program has to offer.

Infant to Teacher Child to Teacher Ratio

6-weeks to Crawlers 1 Teacher to 5 Infants

Crawlers to walkers 1 Teacher to 6 Crawlers

Walkers 1 Teacher to 6 Walkers.

Toddlers Program
(18-24 Months)

We understand that curious, independent toddlers are growing rapidly and need a safe environment that supports their development. Toddlers begin to participate in structured activities that are designed to encourage the development of their gross and fine motor skills, speaking and listening skills, and early literacy skills – all through hands-on exploration and play!

At Show Me Love Learning Academy your Toddler’s day will be structured to provide consistency, but schedules are purposefully designed to be flexible. Teachers adapt activities and routines to respond to children’s needs and interests.

To document growth and development, teachers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child. Portfolios use photographs, developmental checklists and work samples to provide a record of individual progress. Portfolios are stored in the classroom and always available for parents to view.

The Teacher to Child Ratio 1 Teacher to 8 Toddlers

Pre-Kindergarten Program
(3-4 Year Olds)

Our Pre-Kindergarten students will be given the opportunity to learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on experiences, all designed to support their development and growth. Several different learning centers are available all day, encouraging children to be creative and have fun while working in small groups. Learning centers promote cooperation and allow children to make decisions about how they’d like to learn and play.

The Academy’s teachers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child, which tracks developmental progress using photographs, checklists and work samples. Portfolios are stored in the classroom in each child’s file. These materials are always available for parents to review.

The Teacher to Child Ratio 1 Teacher to 10

Kindergarten Readiness Program
(4-5 Year Olds)

Our Pre-Kindergarten students will be given the opportunity to learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on experiences, all designed to advance their development and prepare them for kindergarten. Our Pre-K program goals are aligned with state learning standards, ensuring that our curriculum builds the skills that children need for future academic success. Above all else, our teachers are responsive to children’s varying needs and abilities, which builds each child’s confidence and instills a love of learning!

Teachers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child, which tracks developmental progress using photographs, checklists and work samples. Portfolios are stored in the classroom with their journals, alphabet books, and other ‘work in progress’ — these

Summer Enrichment Program

Children should have fun and enjoy the summer – but playing at the pool won’t keep their minds engaged and active. Balance is the key! And that is exactly what we offer at Show Me Love Learning Academy‘s Summer Enrichment Program, with our exciting combination of physical activity and mental acuity to keep our students sharp and ready to hit the ground running next school year.

Our focus on Math and Reading will help prepare children for what is ahead next year; while our Summer activities’ Water Play, Let’s Move, and Educational Field Trips balance out the mental and physical activity that growing minds and active bodies need.

Don’t miss out on this UNIQUE BLEND of fun and learning only available at Show Me Love Learning Academy!

1 Teacher to 14 Pre-K Students

Our Curriculum

Each classroom uses a curriculum that provides a wealth of activities to help children develop their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy environment. A strong academic foundation will enrich children with the skills necessary to succeed in the school system and every phase of their lives.

All classrooms are well-organized, and designed to promote a harmonious environment. Each classroom uses a daily schedule, and has a routine that allows planning for individual children, small groups, and the entire class. This allows time for child-initiated and teacher-directed learning. Themed-based lesson plans provide a variety of topics for your child to explore. Monthly newsletters and calendars are posted on each Parent Information Board, and on-line with a schedule of events. The teachers at Show Me Love Learning Academy will encourage your child daily to reach their goals.

Language development is encourage by talking and listening to the children, reading books, story re-telling, rhymes, finger plays, writing, learning children’s poetry, listening to books on tapes and CD’s and dramatic play. Literacy is incorporated in the learning centers and everyday routines.


Our classrooms have a rich mathematics environment that is integrated throughout our daily activities. Our teachers are very knowledgeable about the facts and concepts needed to promote and extend children’s mathematical thinking. Our teachers focus on number concepts, patterns and relationships, geometry, measurement and data collection. All children will be enthusiastically engaged in the love of leaning.

Science and Technology

Each child will learn science concepts needed by using their senses to observe and explore while using their think skills to investigate the world around them. The science concepts include earth and the environment, life science and physical science. Children also learn about technology by exploring how things work. At the computer center, your child will learn the basic operation of the computer, and are able to learn new information while they create and explore.

Social Studies

Your child will learn about how people live today, how they lived in the past and geography. Our teachers create a learning environment that guides the children to gain experiences and skills that help them pose meaningful questions about themselves, their relationships, their communities and their world. The teacher’s hold a deep respect for a child’s culture and are responsive to how culture, family and young children weave together.

Creative Arts

Your child’s creativity is encouraged through art, the dramatic play and music area. Arts and crafts allows children to create and represent their ideas in a visual form. They have opportunities to paint, draw, make collages, build, mold play dough, and many more activities. In the dramatic play area, they can let their imaginations run wild while Deeping their understanding of the world and develop new skills. The Music Center contributes to your child’s social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. They are encouraged to learn and make up songs, play musical instruments and listen to recorded music. They get a chance to use their bodies to respond to music and express ideas through dance.

Parents Involvement

We strive to develop a partnership with all of our families to support each child’s development and learning. Our teachers will take their time to discuss your child with you as often as needed, and during parent-teacher conferences. Parents are provided daily reports, and progress reports. Show Me Love Learning Academy believes that as a parent, you play a key role in the development of your child. It is very important that parents develop strong communication with the Academy. We ask you to partner with us as we strengthen the foundations of Early Childhood Education.

A loving environment produces a happy child. Call Show Me Love Learning Academy, Inc. at 770-944-9100 to enroll your child at our school today.