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We serve the counties and state of Mableton, Georgia.


Private Pre Kindergarten Program

Prekindergarten is the stage where kids begin to put together their awareness of surroundings and the things they continue to learn. It is a preparatorial period before moving onto Kindergarten, where they will further expand the fundamentals of key subjects involving the world.

Literacy, science, numerals, cognition and creativity will be stimulated in our classes, as well as emphasis on their social, emotional and moral ethics through several hands-on activities that promote independence and peer interaction. An enriching blend of programs in arts, music, English and more will be elaborated to practice their budding talents and interests. We will provide them the necessary tools and age-appropriate materials to prepare them for Kindergarten in a safe classroom with loving, well-trained instructors. Children at this point are beginning to think for themselves, make decisions and follow orders and routines.