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  1. Lakisha M.

    My son has been going to Show Me Love since he was about 6 Months old and he loves it. The staff is awesome and the owner is very approachable and there when you need her. I recommend this to anyone that needs a safe and fun learning environment for your child.

  2. Ma’kisha B. Thomas

    I chose for my children to attend Show Me Love Learning Academy because it’s in walking distance from our house, and a friend of mind referred me to Mrs. Kym because she said that Mrs. Kym was a wonderful person and that she was very compassionate about her learning center and that the educational level at this learning academy was remarkable. The children that attend this academy are all above grade level. I was so surprised when I visited the academy on my own for a tour to see the academic level that they hold the different classrooms to, it was really impressive. My 3yr old can speak Spanish, she can count higher than any other 3yr old I know and she can do sign language. People ask me all the time where do your kids go to learn all of this I tell them Show Me Love Learning Academy. Some people think that there children would get frustrated and not retain all this information but none of the kids that I see attending the academy are frustrated because the teachers make it fun for the kids to learn and make rhyming songs or repetitive games for them to remember. I know some days Denay comes home with more homework than me, but that’s good because I want her to remember what she learns at school at home and the only way she can remember is to practice. The staff at Show Me Love Learning Academy are very caring, respectful, patience, and are always willing to put in the extra work with a child that is in need, I truly love this about this learning center. Also where I am from the children at daycare facilities only get breakfast, lunch, and a snack before they go home, at Show Me Love Learning Academy I love how the children are given extra snacks and dinner, you never know if that child is going to receive a meal when they get home, poverty is a big issue in the US and for Mrs. Kym and her staff to take the extra time and money to prepare these extra snacks and meals to make sure that no child goes hungry is very commendable. This daycare puts a lot of energy an effort in our children to make sure that they have a brighter future and all there hard work and effort is very appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Any child attending this learning facility is very blessed and lucky to be taught and cared for by the best, I wouldn’t recommend another learning facility because no other facility can compare to Show Me Love Learning Academy. The learning facility is always clean and presentable, as well as the outside is always kept clean and safe. Thank you for providing my children with the educational skills that you have, and for the patience and care that you have given them, you and your staff have my deepest respect and appreciation.

  3. Dania B., Laboratory Supervisor

    God changed my life when I heard the words, “Yes you are pregnant.” When I heard those words I was absolutely amazed because I was told that having children would be a difficult road for me…and it was very true. Seven years went before I was able to bring a beautiful child into this world. Being a new parent is an exciting yet nervous experience. You don’t know who to trust to care and love for your child. In my case, it was especially tough to trust others with my precious baby girl, Courtney, simply because it took me such a long time to have her. She is my everything and there is nothing or no one more important in this world to me. As you can imagine, I was not comfortable with the thought of leaving Courtney with just anyone. After visiting various daycare centers, I entered the doors of Show Me Love Learning Academy where I was warmly welcomed and comforted by the staff there. Ms. Kym made it her priority to ensure I felt comfortable about leaving Courtney in their care. She answered all of my questions and addressed any of my concerns. Almost 18 months later, Courtney is thriving and truly enjoys her school. She has learned so much in her time there and I’m excited to see her educational growth continue as she transitions into their pre-K program. The teachers love her as we do and I am extremely happy with my choice. The Show Me Love Learning Academy has become a part of our extended family and we appreciate the way they love and care for our precious daughter. Every daycare is different but the bottom line is finding a place where your child will be loved, nurtured and protected. Show Me Love has been that place for our Courtney and it will be the same for your child as well.
    Thank you.

  4. Phipps B.

    Our daughter has thrived since coming to Show Me Love two years ago. She is so excited each day to tell us something new that she learned that day. It will be so hard to say goodbye when it comes time for kindergarten. “I can’t say enough good things about my child’s time at Show Me Love. We always enter a clean, fresh smelling environment with an attentive staff. The teacher-parent and director-parent communication is outstanding and that means a lot. The staff’s attention to the quality of care and continuous efforts to become even better makes Show Me Love a dynamic center and I’m so glad that my family is a part of it. The passion that Ms. Kym has for the children and their success is reflected in everything she does for her center. She is truly a Godsend to us parents.

  5. Hester K.

    Look at my munchkin!!!! She was approx. 3 years old in this picture. There are so many AWESOME things to be said about Show Me Love Learning Academy Inc. Just know she is 9 years old top in her class and has been since entering school. To this day I still refer parents to Show Me Love Learning Academy, Inc. owners are great and really have a genuine concern when it comes to their children/students I say students b/c their focus is education. I am so grateful for them and if I had to do it all over they will be the childcare of choice.

  6. Mario G.

    What can I say about Show Me Love Learning Academy? My daughter loves going to school everyday. The teachers are great, the Academy has a great balance in their teaching styles they provide play time for the kids. The Curriculum is great, at the age of 4, my daughter knows about Isaac Newton and gravity, and knows basic sign language as well. They also ensure the kids are learning at home by assigning them homework. The leadership, and teaching staff are great for caring for the kids. I Would highly recommend. Great pricing as well compared to the area. If I can give them 10 stars I would.

  7. Dana G.

    I couldn’t have found a better place for my two kids. I leave my 1 and 2 yr old with a great staff that feels like family. I get an update on their learning activities everyday and what they have accomplished for that day. The facility is also very clean and well organized compared to a few that I have seen. And the ratio of children to teachers are small which is great. My 1 yr. old has learned how to recognize his alphabets and my 2 yr. old has learn to count to 30. I recommend Show me love learning academy to parents that want to give their children a good start in education.

  8. Kersha Hester, An Appreciative and Proud Mother

    My children have been attending Show Me Love Learning Academy for the last 4 ½ years. I have a 6 yr. old, who started her Kindergarten year in an advance class. When she was tested for Kindergarten, I was told that she was well prepared for Kindergarten. Not only did she know what was expected coming in, she already knew what they would have taught her during the school year. 2012 she started 1st grade and again she was placed in an advance class. This was all due to Show Me Love Learning Academy. Next, my 4 yr. old, who has been attending SMLLA since infancy, at 3 months, she is now 4 and can count to 100, can recognize and say all of her letters (without “singing” her ABC’s). She can aslo read over 30 “sight words” and more to come because she knows how to “sound it out”. She can read several Dr. Seuss beginner books. I could go on and on about Show Me Love and my kids. Not only my children but the children I have also seen come out of SMLLA. I know of at least 4 Pre-K students that went on and continue to get great reports back about how advance the kids are. From the moment I meant Ms. Kim (Owner/Director), her philosophy has been education, education, education and how important it is to our youth. Not to mention she will go out of her way to help you in any capacity. This is my daycare of choice regardless and will continue to tell everyone I meet in need of childcare services about SHOW ME LOVE LEARNING ACADEMY. Keep up the great work!

  9. Shareen A., Customer Service Rep.

    My two children and I have been attending Show Me Love Learning Academy for two and a half years now and we absolutely love it there! I have went through hard times and they have been there for me throughout, I truly see them as family. It’s a home away from home for my kids very neat and organized. Even during our time at home my kids always talk about the teachers and can’t wait till they return. We are always greeted with love as soon as we walk through the door and as we are leaving. My children are always coming home to show me new things they have learned with excitement. My 3 year old can now count to over 100, say her colors and count in Spanish, she knows her ABC’s and so much more! And my 2 year old is potty trained with the help of Show Me Love and is learning more and more everyday. I have moved further away from the area and still choose to bring my kids to Show Me Love due to the relationship that has been built there with not only my children but me as well!

  10. Juanita C.

    First time taking a tour of this school me and my son knew this was the one. My son is 2yrs old and has never been in a daycare until now. He automatically started participating in the project and I can say honestly I was astonished because he is a very shy person. When he first began he wasn’t talking but 5mnths later he will not be silenced..lol I as a parent and caring mother would recommend this learning academy to anybody. My son is thriving and becoming a whole new person and I can honestly say it was from the help of the wonderful staff members here. Show Me Love Learning Academy, Inc. for all that you do!!!..

  11. Carlton C., Real Estate Evaluation Specialist

    My original plan was to have my daughter attend Show Me Love temporarily until a spot was available at another daycare center I was interested in, because they expose the kids to a foreign language. However, after all of the personal attention and care they give my daughter, and my family, there is no way I could even think about moving her somewhere else. Show Me Love has been consistent in the care and service they provide. My daughter loves going to school there and looks forward to receiving her homework assignments, even though she’s just three years old, it makes her feel like a big girl. I can see her progress, and she is being exposed to the foreign language I was concerned about. Keep up the good work and thanks for SHOWING ME LOVE.

  12. William C.

    I must say not only has it been a pleasure but a blessing to have not just good individuals but great teachers like Mrs. Brenda and Ms. Terri to entrust my 5 1/2 month son with. They have went beyond what a normal child care staff would provide. Each morning my son and I are greeted with a smile and open arms. He continues to come home each day with learning something new like holding his bottle thanks Ms Kim . The love we receive I know was passed throughout its employees through the owner ship of Ms. Kim which I received from her about 10 1/2 years ago with my first son. The name alone is very fitting continue to show me love and God will continue to Bless you and your wonderful staff. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO Parents of Prince Eli Christian Crusoe!

  13. Ikeia Underwood

    Infant Class – “Hello! I am a parent of 3 and I we have been with Show Me Love Learning Academy for the past 4 years. I am very impressed by the learning curriculum they have implemented and using the newest cutting edge technology like the smart board to keep the children engaged in learning. Mrs. Kym is a great educator and she is just as excited as the children are about learning. They offer nutritous meals and a safe environment for our children to learn and grow. My oldest child was student of the year in Kindergarten and I owe it to the great learning style, creativity and constant attention to my childrens needs that the school continues to show year after year. I highly recommend Show Me Love Learning Academy as the 1st school for children to learn and grow.”

  14. Lisa W.

    The thought of leaving my 8 week old daughter with care providers.. I didn`t really know how very hard the choice was gonna be for me, but I had a full time job to go back to and I had to put all my trust in the teachers at Show Me Love Learning Academy. You never think that your child will receive the level of love and care they deserve when put them in any Nursery with other children, but the teachers devote so much to each individual child and it is evident each afternoon when you pick your child up. My daughter is now 18 months old and has graduated to a new room several times and each time she has left amazing teachers that I know love her very much. The biggest problem you will find with the teachers is their unconditional devotion to each child – it is not a job to them, it is the ability to love children all day. The Director surprise me the most because she know every child`s name and even remember my son`s name and he doesn’t even attend the school! They are all so willing to help and provide you with the knowledge you need to help in your decision to enroll your child. Our family is very fortunate to have a day care facility full of committed teachers and management team that highly I recommend all the time to people I know and even to families looking at the facility when I happen to be there! Choosing to put your child in a day care will always be a hard decision, but the staff at Show Me Love Learning Academy are committed to ensuring your child receives the level of care and love you would expect!!


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