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Holistic Development Through the Domains of Learning


Early Childhood Education is a crucial time of learning. A person builds a foundation on different skills needed in life in this stage. To guarantee a child’s success, he needs to receive activities that aim to develop the three domains of learning – cognitive, psychomotor, affective.

  • Cognitive

    This domain involves the use of a child’s mind or intellect. They recall, use and apply different information they have learned. Knowing the letters in the alphabet, counting numbers, and evaluating a piece of information is part of this. Every childcare learning center in Mableton, Georgia, ensures that literacy skills – reading and arithmetic – are developed for this domain.

  • Psychomotor

    The psychomotor domain involves our physical abilities, from simple motor skills to complex performances. Using a variety of stimulating and hands-on experiences are designed to develop this. Encouraging children to be creative on their own, as a group, or as a whole class is part of childcare services in Georgia. It supports their psychomotor development. Arts, dancing, exercises, and writing are developed through this domain.

  • Affective

    The affective domain is the intangible learning that a child receives. It involves our emotions and the successful development of our character. Integrating activities that help a child learn respect, love, honesty, and other values is crucial in their development. Play can be incorporated to teach children values, too.

Being able to design lessons and integrate activities that target all these domains is a principle Show Me Love Learning Academy, Inc. anchors. When your child is with us, we will develop their minds, body, and heart; Holistic learning is guaranteed.

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