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Stories of the Past, Lessons for the Future


Social studies are an integral part of any child’s learning curriculum. While much of the focus may be on the sciences, language, and math subjects, let us take a look at how relevant social studies can be for your child.

Social study is a broad term about different subject areas. One of the main themes is history. There are different and wonderful tales across the world where your child can learn from. They get to experience different cultures and learn how other people live in different periods. They imagine how they live and the stories they told. The knowledge of the past provides useful information when making decisions for the future.

Your child gets to travel around the world across time – right in the classroom. They get to see how big the world is. They become more excited about what else to learn.

Aside from all of these, the lessons embedded in the teachings are wisdom nuggets they can recall. Historical tales point out how good triumphs which can be a positive example for them. They also get to learn that different people mean different customs and we must have an open mind to truly connect with others.

Early Childhood Education plays a critical role in your child’s learning and development.

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