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Why It’s Vital to Include Creative Arts in Early Childhood


Children are inherently curious. They explore, investigate, and imitate, attempting to understand how things work and how to manage themselves and their surroundings.

This explorative nature, often expressed through play, helps them create connections in their brains and aids in their learning. This is where the benefit of creative arts in early childhood education can be highlighted.

Art is not only enjoyable but also educational. The ability to manipulate different materials in an unstructured manner allows for exploration and experimentation that’s crucial at their age.

Recognizing its implications on your little ones, we at Show Me Love Learning Academy, Inc., a childcare learning center in Mableton, Georgia, take active steps in incorporating creative arts into our educational programs. Apart from what’s been mentioned, it can:

  • Develop children’s motor skills

    Fine motor skills can be developed in a variety of ways through art. Shredding paper, using scissors, gluing items to surfaces, and using a paintbrush all necessitate different levels of hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

  • Help children to appreciate numeracy

    While children engage with simple collage materials and beads, number concepts and classification can be presented.

  • Build children’s self-esteem

    Art improves a child’s self-esteem and confidence by allowing them to achieve specific skills. Their creativity and autonomy also develop when they grasp that there is no “correct way” to make art.

  • Build the creative side of the brain

    The Waldorf Education system maintains that children learn through play, music, and art. This approach is suggested to result in multidimensional, creative, and innovative individuals.

Have access to all these perks and more with us! If you wish to know more about our programs and childcare services in Georgia, get in touch with us today!

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